Current Connected, LLC. 

Headquartered in Hayden, Idaho with distribution in Valley Springs, California, we are more than just a Solar and Energy Storage Company. Our core mission is to promote energy independence with renewable energy solutions. We are USA-based, so our customers are protected by US consumer protection laws.

We have a strong following on YouTube and use the platform as a tool to reach out to people around the globe interested in becoming energy independent. While the cost of alternative energy has decreased substantially within the past decade, energy storage has remained one of the most expensive aspects of a complete solar system. We value our customers, and have the highest standard when it comes to putting together a reliable and long-lasting energy storage system. 

We rigorously test all of our products, and post our reviews on YouTube to show you how our products are going to handle prior to ever adding them to our store. Whether you are wanting to go off-grid, grid-tied, or just want a battery backup for your household, we have the experience and knowledge to help you!


California Warehouse Address:

5204 Carol Lane

Valley Springs, CA 95252